Enna München

Enna München was a West German lens manufacturer based in the Bavarian capital München. They focused on producing 35mm camera lenses both in Exakta and M42 mounts. Enna München manufactured lenses for 40 years, from the 1940s up to the 1980s.

Like many other German manufacturers, Enna München too began building chromed covered lenses and "zebra" type lenses. To distinguish theirs lenses form their competitors’ the name Enna München was included in many of their lenses like: Ennalyt, Ennagon, Ennaston, etc.

In fact this wasn't an odd thing as back then, many German lens manufacturers integrated the company name in the proper name of their lenses. Today, that feature adds some flavor to the photography buffs.

The quality of the Enna München lenses is generally good from a mechanically point of view. But from an optical point of view, opinions are divided, with some lenses having a better reputation than others. In fact, non-German sources are relatively scarce for these lenses. Finally, Enna München lenses are not found in large numbers and their prices vary a lot.

Check our Enna München lenses:

The Lithagon 35mm f3.5 is a wide angle lens built by Enna München Werk. The Lithagon is very compact and light when compared to other 35-37mm lenses. The body is made of metal and has the old zebra stripes design that characterized German lenses prior to 1970s.
The Enna München Lithagon is single-coated and the diaphragm is operated via a preset aperture system. Maybe because they are quite rare, the Enna München lenses don't have the same number of fans like other vintage German lenses, such as Carl Zeiss aus Jena or Pentacon.
The build quality is rather good and the minimum focusing distance is 0,5m. The lens uses a 52mm filter. Number of blades: 8.

The Tele-Ennalyt 240mm f4.5 distinguishes itself by size, being quite tiny for a 240mm lens. It measures only 13cm unfocused and 15cm when focused at infinity. Being an older pre-set type, with ''zebra stripes'', the front glass is only single coated.
The Enna München lenses seem to be relatively hard to find and the Tele-Ennalyt 240mm is no exception.

Nicely crafted, the Tele-Ennalyt 240mm is also fairly light, weighting approximately 220g. It uses a 52mm filter and has a 3m minimum focusing distance. Number of blades: 10.