German Lenses

Over the last years we've tested quite a number of German lenses, from the popular Pentacon series to upmarket Carl Zeiss and rare A.Schacht Ulm lenses. Interesting finds include the Flektogon series, with its ultra wide 20mm lenses, the 35mm/2.4 and the older zebra 35mm/2.8 version, as well as the rare 25mm/4 Flektogon.

We also liked the 135mm 15 blades, and of course, the 300mm/4 long telephoto lens from Meyer-Optik / Pentacon. Add to that more rare lenses, such as the 90mm/2.8 A.Schacht Ulm Travenar R, the 50mm/2.8 Stenheil München Edixa-Cassaron, the 30mm/3.5 Meyer-Optik Lydith or the 35/3.5 Enna München Lithagon and you'll figure out why German vintage lenses are worth exploring.